What is ExpoValley?

ExpoValley is an innovative Digital Expo Platform that brings together exhibitors and visitors from all over the world through the digital fairs specially organized for each sector.

With ExpoValley, you can reach out to many wholesaler, manufacturer, producer, exporter companies and solution partners around the world with a single click and you can explore the digital expos in the comfort of your home or whever you are.

Everything you need for a successful
Digital Expo

Engage Audiences at Scale.

Enable global networking with Group & 1:1 text/audio/video chat

Present to the World.

Enable speakers to host talks, keynotes & breakout sessions with attenders.

Measure your Impact.

Get insightful reports to understand how effective your online event was.

Mobile-Compliant & Accessible

Join accessibility-enabled events from any device and any location.

Advantages for Visitors

  • Effective use of time
  • Save on time and costs such as transportation, accommodation, and daily expenses
  • Easily reach out the companies for business deals
  • Meeting new potential clients and creating a new business network
  • Reach to the target audience through a single platform
  • Create an effective expo calendar and visit agenda
  • Free workshops and training programs
  • Catching up with the sectoral developments
  • Meeting the companies in the global market arena
  • No time and place limitations
  • Experience of an international expo with less effort
  • Strengthening the innovative and technology-oriented company image

Advantages for Exhibitors

  • Increase brand awareness and reach more clients
  • Reach your target audience through a single platform
  • Opportunity to open into new markets
  • Optimize your expenses and get the maximum productivity
  • Improve your business network
  • Introduce and promote your products and services
  • Measurable number of participants and an opportunity to have feedback
  • Strengthening the innovative and technology-oriented company image
  • No extra costs for booth construction, food-catering or extra staff
  • Profitable experience with effective use of time
  • Save on time and costs such as transportation, accommodation, and daily expenses
  • Reach out many potential clients at the same time with group meetings
  • Fast and effective business deals with one-on-one meetings in private meeting rooms

Our Services

Online Translation Service

With the translation service provided in English, Arabic, and Turkish, you can improve your business relationships without having any communication problems due to a lack of language skills.

Automatic Calendar Integration

The digital expo program can be integrated automatically to your default calendar. With this synchronization, you can track your expo program easily and get notifications before the meetings that you’ve planned.

Video Conference Service

On ExpoValley, you will have the opportunity to directly contact the companies you want to reach to improve your business. You can hold your meetings with company executives using the video conferencing feature.

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