About ExpoValley Digital Fair Platform

With the technological infrastructure it offers, ExpoValley Digital Fair Platform is a technology company that offers digital fair and event solutions that can be designed and customized with 2D or 3D technology.

Fair and Event Organizers, Associations & Non-Governmental Organizations, Corporates and anyone wishing to organize their own customized digital fairs & events can realize all their digital events using the ExpoValley Digital Fair Platform.

Be Productive In any Case with Digital Fairs!

Technological Events

Organize technology-oriented, innovative and contemporary organizations with Digital Fairs and Events!

Brand Awareness

Digital organizations offer the opportunity to increase brand awareness to both exhibitors and visitors.

Effective Communication

You can share files, written, audio or visual contents during video and audio calls on digital fairs and events.


You can have various types of data and reports to measure the success and efficiency of your digital fairs and events.


You can participate in ExpoValley digital fairs and events from anywhere you want with a computer or a mobile device that has webcam, microphone, and internet access.

Digital Security

The audio-visual content and data used during all digital fairs and events on ExpoValley are encrypted using the advanced encryption technology AES 256-bit encryption algorithm.

What Kind of Advantages Does Organizing Digital Fairs on ExpoValley Provide to Organizers?

  • Cost Saving
  • Organization and Management Facility
  • Technology Oriented Event Experience
  • Time Saving
  • High Level of Service Quality
  • Accessible Support Services
  • Measurable and Reportable Fair & Event Experience

Our Services

2D & 3D Digital Fair Infrastructure

Real-time Translation Service

One-on-One or Group Meetings

Automatic Calendar Integration

Video-Conference Service

Event Analysis Reports

Technical Support

Upcoming Exhibitions