ExpoValley, The New, Easy and Profitable Way of Expo!

Attending to a Digital Expo enables you to reach many companies at the shortest notice by maintaining your entire fair organization on a single digital platform in a globally competitive environment.

With the ExpoValley Digital Expo Platform, exhibitor and visitor companies around the world meet with a single-click and build strong, long-termed business relationships.

By taking your trade show experience a step further and attending to a digital expo, you can be a part of global trade no matter where you are.

What is ExpoValley?

ExpoValley is an innovative Digital Expo Platform that brings together exhibitors and visitors from all over the world through the digital fairs specially organized for each sector.

With ExpoValley, you can reach out to many wholesalers, manufacturer, producer, exporter companies and solution partners around the world with a single click and you can explore the digital expos in the comfort of your home or your office.

Boost Your Marketing Efforts with a Digital Expo and Reach New Potential Clients

While opening into global markets and establishing new business relationships through the digital expos on ExpoValley, you can introduce your company in a globally competitive environment without having to spend most of your time on the road.

Booths, Lobby Area, Directions… Everything you need on a traditional trade show is here, digitally!

When you log in to ExpoValley.com, you can browse through the website, reach the digital lobby area, visit the exhibitor booths and explore new opportunities by following the directions within the website.

Increase Your Brand Awareness with One-on-One and Group Meetings

With the group meetings on ExpoValley, exhibitor companies can easily reach the target audience to whom they want to introduce their products and services, and they can make effective meetings by reaching many clients at the same time.

Executives of visitor and exhibitor companies may need a private meeting to improve their business relationships. In this case, they can hold the meeting they need through one-on-one meetings. With one-on-one digital meetings, you will have more efficient and effective meetings in short notice compared to a traditional trade show with a standard number of participants.

How it Works?

Step 1

To become a member, exhibitors and visitors will fill out the registration form on ExpoValley.com. Users who filled out the registration form will receive an activation link via E-mail and SMS. By confirming these activation channels, the membership process will be completed.

Step 2

After the membership activation process, exhibitors should select the digital fair they want to attend, and press the "Participate" button. Following this process, the participation of the exhibitor will be automatically approved. With the Automatic Calendar Integration, the digital fair calendar will be automatically synchronized with the exhibitor’s default calendar.

Visitors will receive an E-mail about confirming the Automatic Calendar Integration that will be directed to them after they verify their membership activations in the first step. Then, the fair calendar and schedule will be synchronized with their default calendar.

Step 3

After the Automatic Calendar Synchronization;

Exhibitors can approve the meeting and video conference requests of the visitors through the emails they will receive and can easily track their digital fair agenda with the Automatic Calendar Integration system.

Visitors can request meeting or video conference appointments before the fair dates to the exhibitors which they would like to visit.

For all exhibitors and visitors who have completed these 3 steps, it remains only to wait for the digital fair date and enjoy the digital fair from wherever they are!

Advantages for Visitors

  • Effective use of time
  • Save on time and costs such as transportation, accommodation, and daily expenses
  • Easily reach out the companies for business deals
  • Meeting new potential clients and creating a new business network
  • Reach to the target audience through a single platform
  • Create an effective expo calendar and visit agenda
  • Free workshops and training programs
  • Catching up with the sectoral developments
  • Meeting the companies in the global market arena
  • No time and place limitations
  • Experience of an international expo with less effort
  • Strengthening the innovative and technology-oriented company image

Advantages for Exhibitors

  • Increase brand awareness and reach more clients
  • Reach your target audience through a single platform
  • Opportunity to open into new markets
  • Optimize your expenses and get the maximum productivity
  • Improve your business network
  • Introduce and promote your products and services
  • Measurable number of participants and an opportunity to have feedback
  • Strengthening the innovative and technology-oriented company image
  • No extra costs for booth construction, food-catering or extra staff
  • Profitable experience with effective use of time
  • Save on time and costs such as transportation, accommodation, and daily expenses
  • Reach out many potential clients at the same time with group meetings
  • Fast and effective business deals with one-on-one meetings in private meeting rooms

Our Services

Online Translation Service

With the translation service provided in English, Arabic, and Turkish, you can improve your business relationships without having any communication problems due to a lack of language skills.

Automatic Calendar Integration

The digital expo program can be integrated automatically to your default calendar. With this synchronization, you can track your expo program easily and get notifications before the meetings that you’ve planned.

Video Conference Service

On ExpoValley, you will have the opportunity to directly contact the companies you want to reach to improve your business. You can hold your meetings with company executives using the video conferencing feature.

About Us

ExpoValley is an innovative Digital Expo Platform created with the aim of contributing to international B2B commerce. While exhibitor companies introduce and promote their products and services by opening their fair booths in digital fairs organized specifically for each different sector, visitor companies get the opportunity to meet exhibitor companies for the products and services they need.

With ExpoValley, you can build strong business networks and make cooperative deals with no limits of time or place. All you need to have a computer/mobile device with a webcam, microphone and internet connection.

ExpoValley, The New, Easy and Profitable Way of Expo!



To participate in ExpoValley as an Exhibitor, first, you must fill out the registration form on ExpoValley.com. You can complete your registration process by confirming the verification link you will receive by E-mail and SMS. After the registration process is completed, you need to select the digital fair you want to attend and press the "Join the Fair" button. After this step, your participation in the fair will be automatically activated.


You can participate as a Visitor by selecting the “visitor” option in the registration form that you will fill out to become a member of ExpoValley. When you submit the registration form, a verification link will be sent to you by e-mail and SMS. By confirming these channels, your registration as a visitor will be activated.


On ExpoValley, after visitors and exhibitors complete their registration processes, the automatic calendar integration will be synchronized with their default calendars. After the synchronization process, visitors can send requests for one-on-one meetings to the exhibitor companies. Exhibitors, on the other hand, can approve the meeting requests and arrange their digital fair agenda through this automatic calendar integration system.


In our first digital fair to be held in ExpoValley, group and one-to-one meetings will not be recorded. For the upcoming digital fairs, you will be able to get the details from our contracts specifically prepared for each fair.


If you cannot participate during the digital fair hour, you can visit any time of the day on the days when the digital fair is open.